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Leaving a Legacy

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Even if you aren’t overly concerned about estate taxes and don’t have a child with special needs, if you have children, there is a good chance you want to leave them something when you’re gone. This could be setting up grandchildren and future generations for college, help buy a first home, or simply a rainy day fund for an uncertain world. Many of our clients don’t necessarily want to “leave their children rich”- they want them to work for hard for it as they did, but they do like the idea of leaving something behind, which is a common instinct.

Often what parents want more than anything is to pass along their values to their children, and this regularly includes a charitable component. Second-to-die insurance/survivorship life policies can be used to fund future charitable endeavors that the children come together to help pick. This can be a great way to keep a family bond strong and nurture a lasting legacy.